Buying a new car seat is always an extensive endeavor. We pour so much time into researching and finding the best possible car seat for our child because of its importance. As parents it is our job to protect them and keep them safe and having the right equipment is vital to this goal. The roads are a dangerous place so making sure that their car seat is reliable, safe, as well as being comfortable is something that we are all looking for.

If you have been racking your brain trying to find the perfect car seat option for your children then hopefully our guide will be of some use. We have done our own fair amount of searching, studying the latest car seat reviews in hopes of zeroing in on some of the best convertible car seat choices. Why get a convertible car seat? Because these are going to be the most cost effective course of action over the long haul. You can use them for a number of years since most of them are made for infants from 5 lbs. all the way up to 65 lbs. You are going to get a number of years worth of use out of them before you have to buy a booster seat and will end up saving you money.

Our Top Choices

Since we just had to go through this process ourselves when we were in need of a new car seat for our daughter we thought we would run down some of the seats that made our final list. We are always looking for ways to save the most money as parents, but we just did not feel like this was an area for use to pinch pennies. Most of these are not going to be cheap so if money is tight then you might have to dig a little deeper to find something to fit within your own budget.

Graco 4Ever

This is a super choice as it is rated for kids from 5 to 120 lbs. Yes, we could not believe it ourselves. This might just be the only car seat that we are going to need since it can serve as an infant, convertible, and booster seat. This is what they call an “all in one” seat and it just made perfect sense to both me and my wife. While it did cost us $300 when you think about how many years of service we are going to get out of this seat it really is not all that expensive. It is rated for 10 years so at $30 per year that is not too bad.

Of course we checked its ratings with parents and it gets very high marks. It has some tremendous safety features so we know our daughter is going to be protected but has a lot more. The material seems like it is pretty durable and should hold up well for the next few years. Stains come out pretty easily as well. One other thing that we like about the 4Ever is that installation was not that hard. While it is not the lightest convertible car seat out there, my wife can swap it out from my car to hers pretty well and I have no problem doing the same. It seems to be rather comfortable as well as our little one has no problem falling asleep in it.

Overall it has only been a year, but we are happy that this was the choice that we made for our family. We can see us using this seat for many years with no problems. We even convinced my sister to get one for her son and she is just as thrilled with hers as we are with ours. For the money this has been an investment that we are both proud of.

Chicco NextFit and Nextfit Zip

Chicco is another top brand name that we felt confident in. Their infant seats are highly praised and we thought that their convertible seats would shine just the same. Of all of the seats that we reviewed this one was a close second the Graco in our eyes.

These are solid seats with extra strong construction. What intrigued us about these seats were the high ratings that they received from parents, especially for how easy they are to clean. The Zip version is made to easily remove the seat pad so that you can throw it in the washing machine. That sounded like a nice feature to my wife. The one thing that scared us away from it was the weight as we do end up swapping our car seat often in between both of our cars. We did not want it to be a chore every time so we went with something that was a little lighter. We were impressed with everything else about this convertible seat.

The Others

The Graco and the Chicco seats were a close #1 and #2 but there were some others that caught our attention. Most of the Britax convertible car seats that we looked into seemed to be a great fit with some nice features. They are also held in high regard by parents. There were some other brands that we never heard of but seemed appealing to us. Diono, Recaro and Maxi Cosi seemed to be parent favorites as well. The good thing is that there are plenty of wonderful options out there for picky parents. The bad thing is that it can really eat up a lot of your time trying to find exactly the right one for your child. We are happy with our choice it just took us a little while to get there. Hopefully this will help you make a quicker and less stressful decision that what we had to go through.